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AGM Battery NS12V 7AH (C20) T2

ANDA NS UPS series AGM the consistent battery that performs during emergency situations

kr 256,88 (kr 205,50 eks. mva.)
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Anda NS AGM Series are designed for standby use with 5-year design life in float service. The series battery is featured of high consistency, excellent performance and reliable standby service life. It is widely applied in UPS/EPS, medical equipment, emergency light and security system.

Technical data and information:

  • Low self-discharge
  • Fully tank formed plates
  • Low impurity electrolyte
  • Spill proof / leak proof
  • Multi-position usage
  • ABS case and cover VO upon request
  • Very high purity lead

NB: Terminals are flush with the casing, not protruding (T12)

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