Engine controllers

The engine controllers are the base building blocks for building a monitoring system for both variable speed (propulsion or pumps) and fixed speed (generator set) diesel engines.

Remote panels

The remote panels from Auto-Maskin are self-configuring to the Auto-Maskin motor controllers, and provide easy access to motor parameters and remote control via only one cable connection.

Safety Modules

The safety modules from Auto-Maskin provide the motor safety and shut-off functions required to comply with the rules by Classification societies.

Expansion I/O

Expansion I/Os from Auto-Maskin are expansion modules for DCU enginge controllers.

Power management

Auto-Maskin has power management systems such as load sharing units with class-compliant load sharing and synchronization system, and AC generator interface that allows parameters from the AC generator to be displayed on DCU and Ethernet networks.

Alarm systems ship

The alarm systems come in two series: Marine Watch S and Marine Watch LT. Marine Watch S Series is an advanced, classified alarm system, and Marine Watch LT Series is an unclassified alarm system completely without compromise.

Elotec M-serie M20 M40

Fire control panel

The fire control panels and fire alarms from Elotec are quality products that are easy to install and easy to understand. Elotec has fire alarm systems for all types of buildings: industry, commercial buildings, agriculture and housing.